Eat to Live then to Eat

I don’t think you can only choose one between “Eat to Live” or “Live to Eat“. There are plenty of other cool phrases to choose from besides eating and living. Well, alright, I get it. You can’t do anything unless you are alive and you can’t be alive if you don’t eat.

I’m a lazy kind of guy. I eat when I need to. I need to stay alive, therefore I eat. So, I do “Eat to Live”. However, I because I’m alive, I have got plenty of extra time. Therefore, I eat. And therefore, I “Live to Eat”. Therefore again, I Eat to Live to Eat.

But sometimes, I don’t feel like eating unless I need to. And some other times, I starve myself so I feels like eating again. Well, it’s getting kind of complicate, isn’t it?. What do you call this kind of relationship?

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