Oct 31: A Random’s day

Every programmer should probably agree that randomness is a very important and awesome thing to have. As a programmer, I love random number.

Particularly in gaming, randomness is being used everywhere. Dices, coin flip, lottery machine and so on. In video games, it’s used to determine how much damage your action cause, chances between getting a diamond sword or being eaten by the lava monster etc.

In security, random numbers are sometimes used to make your password less hackable. Some people choose a random username because they can’t use their favourite username.

We shuffle our music library so it plays random musics.

Computer simulations uses random actions to see all possible cause and effect.

In arts, random number can be used to generate abstract and beautiful stuffs like one here.

and so on.

So, let’s invent the Random’s day.


Random’s day is a day where we celebrate the existence of randomness. It’s also the day where we can spread the awareness of its existence.


First of all, let’s create an application or software or system or whatever you call it that generates a random date of a year. Each year, the application is run once and it will determine the next year’s Random’s day celebration.


The main rule is we need to stop our free will and intelligent thinking by letting computers to make decisions for us. Human brain are biased and will not generate a real random number. Let’s proof it. Choose a random number, nope you are not, you probably just chosen your favourite number. Is it a 7?

Therefore, the programmers around the worlds should get ready to create as many random applications as needed.

Random God Worshipping

Random God is the headline of this holiday. When speaking of randomness, it is always related to luck, and Random God is the giver of luck. By worshipping the Random God, we will increase our luck of getting the random thing that we want most and prevent us from being harmed by the evil randomness.

A random god generator will be created which will generate a random god from all cultures and religions. Every person will have to run this generator once and he will have to worship that god for the day.

Do Not Use Your Brain

You are not allowed to use your brain for anything in this day. Every decision made have to be done by a Randomiser. For example: for meals, you will use the decision maker, enter all the available food options in the application and hit “Choose for me” and you must have whatever food chosen by the application.

Talk Randomly

When talking to people, uses the random word generator to generate a random word and you will have to elaborate based on the generate word for each sentences without breaking the conversation chain. In other words, put some sense and logic in it.

Sample Scenario:

Andy: (word: pen) Can I borrow your pen?

Ben: (word: rain) No, I can’t. It’s raining.

Andy: (word: mother) Your mother is raining too.

Ben: (word: keyboard) No, she’s cleaning her keyboard.

and so on.

Generate Next Year’s Random’s Day

The holiday should be ended by running the random date generator which will determine next year’s celebration.

In short, you can do whatever you want as long as you uses one of the Randomiser.

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