Nov 3: Hey Old Man, did you die?

Hi Phelios (43yo)

You’ve probably changed your name again by now. Would it be Ancient Egyptian language this time? because I’m currently in love with Greek Mythology (hence the name). Oh, I’ve forgotten that you knew.

I have a lot of questions for you. Please write me back when you are old enough to read this letter or if you are still alive.

  • Did you get married? Do you marry a man or a woman? or both? tell me how you met each other.
  • How many kids do you have? I would love to know their names and how you named them.
  • How is getting old so far? how is your health? are you dead already?
  • Did you managed to build our dream house yet?
  • Are you still a programmer? What do you do now?
  • How are our sisters doing? I bet they all have their own family now.
  • I don’t think our parents are still alive. but, are they?
  • Tell me all the places that you’ve been. Where do you live now?
  • What languages do you speak now? Spanish? French?
  • What are the new things that you learn after 2012?

I wish I can say something else to you though, it sounds rude to just bombard you with questions. I hope you enjoy answering those questions.

Best regards,

Phelios (23yo)

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