Daily Post Challenge: A story only computers understand

If a picture worth a thousand words, there should not be any words written to make them worth more. In the digital world, an image is composed of binaries that can be translated into letters and symbols. But, it would probably mean nothing to human.

close up, pixels, boy

For computers, these binaries are translated into pixels. Pixels are tiny square dots of colours that made up an image. The picture above is composed of 500 x 351 pixels. Which is equal to 175,500 pixels. For us, it means a perfectly fine image. But for computers, who know what story it tells?

If a pixel is the equivalent to a human’s word, that picture has spoken almost two hundred thousand words. Modern computers can produce 16.7 million different colours while English language is estimated to have only more than a million words. If computers are to gain conciousness one day, oh how much story they can tell.

Though computers are already good at communicating in their native machine language (binary), but isn’t it way cooler if they speaks in pixels too?

In response to Weekly Writing Challenge: A Picture Is Worth 1,000 Words.

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