Nov 6: The one thing every human does


I draw eyes. I write. I sing. I play music. I’m a programmer. But truly, I’m just a student of the great knowledge from the collection of 7 billion human’s. Learning is my life.

Some may argue that talent is different from one person to another. But what I believe to be the key of skill mastery is the willingness to learn. Everybody start with zero. As we keep learning and practicing, we get better.

Knowledge is like a net of interrelated skills. One skill are related to another. Progressive learning is that if you know one skill, it get easier to learn another skill even though it’s in the different domain. Knowing English means easier of access to information about programming. In the other hand, learning programming introduces me with lot’s of new vocabulary which in turn improved my English. In another other hand, programming encourage me to write better documents. Improved writing skills makes me want to write song. And so on and so forth.

Learning makes me feels alive. It makes life worth living. I used to ask myself the question, “What am I living for?”. What are you living for?

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