Nov 11: If teleportation is possible

There are many possible ways of archiving teleportation. In fact, our internet connection is fast enough and travel far enough to be considered as data teleportation. But, if human teleportation is to be made similar to how we transfer data, the world will probably look really packed with atom modified humans.

To transfer a human being from one place to another place on earth, first we will get scanned bit by bit (or atom by atom) into a computer. And then, this digital copy of you will be transferred in the light of speed to the destination location. In there, there will be a machine that regenerate a new human being based on your digital atomic information.

What happen to your original body?

It is most likely to be destroyed. Or else, you will have 2 copy of you existing in both sides of the teleport machine everytime you use it. This sounds like a digital cloning. But, it will become costly to  maintain the many copy of you. In addition to the limited space and material required for future human body processing, you might need to recycle some of your clones so those flesh and blood can be used for more important purposes.

What happen to the digital copy?

It is most likely to be deleted too after the regeneration is successfully done. Or in another possibility, you can keep a softcopy of you as a backup and can be used to resurrect you if anything happen to you in the real world. Sounds like an immortal future. Adding into the already many copy of you walking in the universe.

In another hand, it’s absolutely possible to photoshop (or whatever they’re going to call it in the future) your digital copy to the desire of your heart before regenerating it. It’s absolutely endless possibility they can do to your blueprint.

It sounds like a very hi-tech future where many things are going to be easy and cheap. In other word, if we really can make a digital copy of ourself, we will probably prefer to live in the computer simulation with our digital copy only.

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