Nov 14: I wouldn’t have been doomed to die alone.

Think back to the past, there are many points in life where I could have acted more professionally and maturely. Especially when I was in University, I would have scored higher, have more friends and solved more world’s problem if only I was as wise as I am now.

The worst yet is probably in high school where you started to be given responsibilities and you started to “act” wise but you aren’t really one. There is this one girl who was a close friend and was really interested in me. I was naive and stupid and think that I can always get what I want, which is another girl that I don’t really know but I thought I’m in love with. So, I ignored the first girl and act stupidly to get the second girl’s attention. The end of the story is, the first girl get tired of waiting and the second girl is just a dream that never comes true.

If I was wiser and know better about how this shitty world works, I would have dated the first girl and won’t give a damn about the second girl. Though we will break up soon enough because I have to continue my study abroad, at least I have an experience in dating. Now I have to shame myself to telling you that I’ve never been in a real relationship before.

Once you’re in the Computer Science field, you are doomed. There will be maximum of 2 girls in every 10 students and it will never get better. Once you’re into the industry, there is nowhere to really have a woman coworker working together with you. You might get one or two once in a while but don’t you forget about the other 8 hungry male programmers that’s as awkward as I am.

In other word, I’m doomed to die alone. But it’s probably what I’d wished for.

In response to today’s daily prompt.


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