Three words I don’t utter. However, it doesn’t mean I don’t.

Challenge accepted: Write an entire post without using any three-letter words.

Of every reason existing in this cruel world, my only reason to write today is because I have some time to kill. Sometimes I write because I want to be heard. But today is because I am bored. I am bored because it is Saturday where I still have to come to office supposed to dress like everybody does in every other weekdays (which I didn’t) because a ceremony is going to be held. Unfortunately they interrupted my wish to write an article about this awkwardness because I have to go home and change to what everybody is wearing, black.

From being bored to feeling sorry about this real life (which is pathetic IMHO), suddenly I am writing this because I want to be heard again. Unfortunately I don’t have much time because I have to attend some real world stuff in a couple of minutes. Something that I will never understand where people have to dress nicely in front of a crowd of strangers proceeded by handing a piece of paper that says “You’ve done well, here is your title”. Ceremony is a weird unnatural phenomena. It includes graduation, wedding, birthday, name it!. Except ones that is done after cleaning your apartment with a large pizza for yourself plus wine, or once in a while after quitting a shitty company.

It comes down to this other ritual that most western culture argued to be very important, a word called “love”. As an Asian, I have never words “love” to anybody in my life. Sometimes I think that no Asian should do that. It is really funny to say 我爱你 to your mother. I love my mother. However, wording that three words doesn’t make any differences. Neither does saying “I do” or “Happy birthday”. What matters is your action. If love really exists, do it.

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