A shoes shopping tale

I don’t buy shoes like some girls do but I do love to shop for shoes. One particular reason is because it’s super hard to find a pair of shoes that fit me. So, when I see a store with shoe size of 13, I’m super exited and start browsing for more. That’s me.

I’m very tall as a Chinese. 196 cm tall. And my feet are probably 46 cm. Places where I live, they only sells up to number 10 or 11 (or 43 to 44 for the other numbering system) while I need size 13 (or 46) and above.

Normal people will walk into a store, browse for models that they like. only then to ask for the size that fit them. For me, my first question will be “what’s the biggest size you have?”. Sadly, the answer to that question is often “11”.

So, my only option is to buy branded shoes. Nike, Adidas, Puma, New Balance, branded expensive stuffs. They do have size 13 but with only limited selection and they are 5 times to 10 times the price of the local brands. Buying shoes are frustrating and depressing.


One response to “A shoes shopping tale

  • grannyK

    Although the stores here have a large size selection, I still have trouble finding ones that fit! I can wear between 71/2 to 9, it just depends on the shoe. And then some are narrow and some are wide. I have a hard time finding ones that fit correctly, so I feel your pain!

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