Q: What to write today? A: The annoying phone survey company

Is it me who is started to get addicted in writing random stuffs OR I’m just having too much free time lately OR I’m just super annoyed. Without the daily prompt from the Daily Post, it’s really hard to choose a topic.

oh, a phone call. From ermm a weird number. brb…

*few seconds later*

It was from a lady that had been calling me non-stop these few weeks. It started with the me who was trying to be nice one Saturday afternoon. This lady called me speaking in Mandarin (which I happen to know) asking if I have few minutes for a short survey. I was trying to be nice so I said yes.

At first, it was supposed to be anonymous. The lady explained that she’s from an electronic manufacturing company and I’m glad she never ask me for any personal details (I started to wonder where did she get my phone number).

The survey is short, asking questions like “Would I rather buy an electronic device online or at physical store?” I answered them easily and hope it to end soon and hopefully the lady will compliment me for being nice.

But it didn’t. The lady started to become annoying by asking question like age, surname and my full Chinese name which I declined to give because I don’t feel comfortable being known so much by a stranger. So, after she keep insisting me to tell her my name, I hung up the phone wishing that it’s over.

A few days later, the same lady called me by addressing me 蔡先生 which means Mr. Chai (Chai is my surname which I told her from the previous conversation). She started to speak again and I just don’t understand what the heck does she want from me. She called a few more times in a couple of weeks and I hung up everytime she started the word 蔡先生 because she’s probably the only person on earth to ever address me this way and I don’t really want to talk to her.

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