When you’ve got too much free time.

Today is my last day on my current job. I thought it should be on the end of the month, but because I have 7 days of Annual Leaves, I can take them all and say good bye to everybody.

Mistakes are to be learned. I quitted my previous job without getting a new one on hand and it really had driven me crazy a little bit. But this time, I’ve got offered a job somewhere else before quitting this one. Though I’ve been more careful, sh*t still happen. Because I’m a foreigner, there are some special procedures to follow. And somehow nature works in a very mysterious way where problem never come alone. It brings his friends and nephews and some other neighbour’s kids together. Starting from the person in charge of handling my visa resigned and the next one was missing for 2 weeks, ended up with nobody knowing about the procedure and many more other small problems along the way. Anyway, that’s not what I want to write about today.

The result of these series of unfortunate coincidences is that I will have to be unemployed for probably 2 weeks while waiting for my new Employment visa. The amount of money that I’ll never get for that period of time worried me. So, I’m planning to do something productive to cover my fees for these 2 weeks. Something fun but productive.

I’ve always wanted to write songs. given the free time I’ll have, I think I will be able to plan a project to probably write a few songs. The other option is to freelance. I’m a web developer, so it’s probably easy to find some small projects to cover up my saving. I can also do a photography project. That might be fun too.

Anyway, I’m open to suggestions and probably kind advices from you. What would you do? and what had your previous experience taught you?


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