Present is my success.


Though death is all I wanted, I also dream of a life full of dreams come true.

I dream of having a house near a huge lake. Where the air is fresh and the sunshine is refreshing and not painful. Lots of huge windows and stairs. Lot’s of free spaces around the corners. I will setup my office in one corner, probably just enough for 2 people to work. I will color it white. All white. Three stories and a half, with hidden rooms and doors and furniture. Secret passages that leads to the hidden rooms. A home only me and my family will know. A wide space on the roof where I will make it a garden. And I will lie there watching the sky full of stars and Moon, and Jupiter and Mars; and Venus. Next are the rooms for different purposes. One room full of musical instruments. another full of books. And another room full of pictures of memories and love. The backyard faces to the lake. the front to the large grass field. I won’t need a swimming pool, because I already have a lake.

I will do something I can do from home but still pay enough to cover all the expenses. A job where I don’t have to meet the clients face to face or having to deal with bosses. Probably photographer, probably composer. Or writer or painter or a dream maker.

I will stay home and take care of the children if my spouse have to go out to work. I don’t mind. But a child needs the parents attention 24/7 no matter what. Why would you have a child anyway if you don’t have time for one?

I will travel to somewhere new once a year. Bring back those experiences and make them a product of my business. I will make a bucket list. And put Paris, Great Wall of China, and Egypt on the top of the list. And then I will put New York, Grand Canyon, London, Sydney, and Athens next. And the list will go on as I walk the Earth. And probably Mars, the Moon or Europa of Jupiter.

And if I can’t get any of those, I will rent an apartment facing the swimming pool. Find a day job enough for me to live and learn. And then, I will buy a computer and write about my dreams that do not come true yet. Oh man, I already have a successful life.

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