The previous versions of me

I was seated next to my little bookshelf when I read today’s daily prompt and the nearest book next to me happen to be the holy Bible that I’ve never been touching for almost a year.

Numbers 15:27 (NKJV)

27 ‘And if a person sins unintentionally, then he shall bring a female goat in its first year as a sin offering.

Well, this experience remind me of two things. The first is about why am I not a Christian anymore. I’m from a Taoism family. But I went to Christian school and study the bible since I was in the first grade. I was a believer and a server. And for my whole teenage life, I spend most of my time serving the Christian God.

I read the bible. I have few versions with me. I’ve done reading the Indonesian translation and moved on to read the New King James Version. The verse above is one of the reason why I stop believing. I realized that the Christian God is just like any other gods.

I’m a Chinese and my family practice the honoring to the deaths and gods or they will bring bad lucks. But I’ve never did because I thought those rituals are stupid and doesn’t make sense. But I believed in Christianity because I thought their God is a rational God. The one who only demands true love and doesn’t demand any symbolic rituals and sh*t. But it turned out that Yahweh is a demanding god like any other gods that I’ve ever known. He demands the Israelite to give sacrifices according to what kind of sins that they’ve done.

Reading the rules and all the rituals that Moses teach to the Israelite when they came out from slavery in Egypt makes me feels that those are exactly what other religions do during that time. If God is not changing, the Christians should still be practicing what God commanded in the entire book of Leviticus. And there will probably be a lot less Christians in the world.

Even now, the Christians still do rituals like the Communions and baptism which I never understand the needs of them even when I was a still Christian. As if you will not be accepted in Heaven if you’re not baptized or your sins are not really cleansed if you don’t take the communion.

The second thing that the bible reminds me about is that I need to clean my bookshelf. It’s awfully dirty and that’s probably the cause of all my sneezing and hard breathing.

Happy weekends.


One response to “The previous versions of me

  • shatashari

    Christianity has much variety. It seems there is a branch to suit everyone’s needs. I need to dust off my books as well. There are so many bookshelves in the house some get overlooked at dusting time.

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