An Offer I Couldn’t Refuse


(In my brain)

I have 10 minutes. Stop thinking about the ten minutes. Think now, what you’re going to write? 9 minutes left. OMG….

(end of mind reading)

An offer is an opportunity, a chance that another person give you. Is it good or is it bad? Intended or accidentally. For my current situation, it’s from a stupidity.

Well, every good story started with “One day when I was in a bar”. But I don’t go to bars. I went to work one day and resigned. The HR staffs are supposed to cancel my work permit as soon as I handed my resignation letter that day but they didn’t because of their incompetency and the staff in charge was MIA (Missing in Action) for 2 weeks before everybody realized that she had resigned too. *big sigh*

Now that they process my cancellation a week before it’s supposed to expired, and I only get my passport back on the day it expired. *another big sigh* which happen to be Friday and the next day is Saturday and Sunday and the immigration office will be closed. By Monday, I will be an illegal overstayed Expat from Indonesia for 3 days which probably cost me some fortune. So, I have to leave the country on Friday and who knows what time they will give me back my passport.

A stupidity that caused this trouble had offered me a chance to visit my hometown in the middle of my crisis. That’s the offer that I can’t refuse and I don’t know if I should be glad or *another big big sigh* sad.

The moral of the story is, no matter what happen, let’s look at the bright side. I can go home and visit my parents and eat my hometown foods that I always miss. Isn’t it a great opportunity? On the other hand, I still have to worry about my January bills to come because I’m unemployed now. But, let’s stick to the bright side.

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