Dec 7: Oasis

I had been busy with travelling pointlessly lately that I don’t really find the energy left to write. But now that I’m recovering and found myself bored with the day having some time to do nothing for, I thought of writing something.

And I only have few minutes and I’m writting on my phone which is super slow speed compared to a PC. And I would like to talk about my Oasis.

It’s an enclosed space, with doors and windows closed and covered. Dark and only me and probably a computer or music player in there. A complete set of bed and I will be butt naked.

Being naked in that bed makes me feels free, like an angel in Heaven or Adam in Eden. It’s all mine and my world. I will be alone, let my problems flow and enjoy each of them, as if they are joys and fun to have. I will play music or watch movie and let the laughing or crying flow freely. I feels more alive then I am normally.

Before ending it with a nice sleep, I will stare to the dark ceiling and enjoy my sadness once again for the last time. Realizing that all of these bad feelings will be gone the next morning. It makes me sadder. And I’ll fall asleep before I finish realizing it.

And the next morning is a new sunshine. Problems will still be around, but my spirit is anew. I still have to face the day and let the problems solved by time. And I won’t remember how sad I was, because I’m back in my Oasis right now.


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