The superman, the fall, the friends, and the dreams

It has been always so weird to remember things clearly but not sure which one happen first. And it’s also weird to know that you are not sure when your earliest memory started. Some people probably still remember the breastfeeding. I remember My mom put some of her milk on my eyes when something got into one of my eye but I am not sure if I was still being breastfeeding back then. It has been fragments and short stories and uncertainty of which is first and which is real or dream.

One thing for sure is that things that happen in the first house I’ve ever lived must be the earliest ones. I remember I was climbing a staircase to the rooftop of that house. The stair has no fence for some reason and I followed my father up to see his mini pool for fishes on the roof top. That was probably the first time I try to climb a stair. How I remember that one is because I felt down before reaching the top. The worst thing is, my mother was doing some BBQ with burning charcoal and hot metal utensils or whatever. But fortunately, my mother caught me just before I drop directly into that burning stove of her. I was probably 2 years old.

From this memory, I kind of conclude that memories that stick are those that gives the most impression. Or the ones scared you the most or you like the most. Good or bad as long as it doesn’t happen often or it is not boring stuff like eating your first rice.

However, there are more near death experiences that I only know from scars or stories told by my family. I have this huge scare on my ankle which I don’t remember at all how did I get it. My mom always love the story where my dad used to throw me up to the air like a Superman and how he missed me and I felt to the floor but because I was such a smart kid I lift my head higher when I felt so I didn’t get hurt badly. And once I was touching a broken wires and got stuck by the electricity and several other people got stuck too trying to pull me out of that shock. These are all the things that I can’t remember at all though some of them happened after that 2 years old fall.

I lived in that first house for 5 years. Even in the second house, I don’t remember everything. Just some of the highlights like get hit by the school playground swing. My mother almost killed because I hated school. Learning how to tie shoes. etc. But I can’t remember the room I normally sleep or nothing much really.

Let’s get back to the question, which is the earliest? To be fair, let’s just list down the things I remember in the first house. I remember my favorite shirt. A cupboard near the stair. Some teenage girls that like to troll me (they are my cousins). The chicken feeding on the street. The bookstore next door and the creepy owner. Somebody cut my cousin’s earlobe.

In response to the daily prompt.


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