A hero I can’t remember

It’s always best to start a post with a definition.

Hero (noun) : A person, typically a man, who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities

This definition doesn’t sound right at all. In my opinion, my hero is the person who’d shape me the way I am now. Without that person, I will be nothing but a garbage.

The first thing I thought of was those who’d inspired me emotionally. Those includes my spiritual teacher, some books, the Internet, the nature, my dad, or probably my ex bosses. These people contributed in making what I think is the standard of emotional maturity. Without them, I will be a total jerk who act like a child and only know how to demand things from others without the consciousness to contribute.

But to think deeper, the ones who really play a role in shaping who I am now is my mother, my father and my 6 sisters.

My parents were so poor that they couldn’t afford to go to school. My mom started working since she was maybe 5. Some of my sisters had to go to work when they were 3 years old. Only 3 of my sisters managed to get some education and only one of them actually went to College.

Before I was born, they lived in a village build on top of a sea near to the shoreline called Panipahan. Their daily income includes going around the village to help with the fish cleaning and whatever the fishermen do after coming back from the sea early in the morning, help the fishermen repair their fishing nets, picking up shells or clam or whatever they can pick when the tide is low.

There were time when their financial get better. They farm pigs, ducks and chickens. But it didn’t last long because disaster happen often especially fire because their houses are build on woods and there were using candles and cook with fire woo. They had a bitter life.

When I was born, they  had moved to a bigger city. Life was a lot easier with all my sisters working and my father opened a Chinese medicine pharmacy but it wasn’t good at all. The pharmacy didn’t last long, and my parents change to a lot of other businesses including shrimp packaging, home-cook food delivery, restaurant, and a mobile phone store. None of them last long. But my sisters got some permanent jobs in fishing net repairing. They get paid (now a days) Rp 150,000 which is equivalent to 15 USD a day.

Life was getting better each day with my parents and sisters all working hard and a lot of saving. We never had a washing machine until I was 15. We had a 20 years old TV and refrigerator. We don’t decorate our home really. We only buy stuffs that we really needed. We didn’t have all those fancy toys like PS, Xbox or Nintendo whatsoever. My dad bought a computer though. But at least at this point I can say that we don’t have to worry about our daily meals.

When I was 17 and ready for college, I dream big and naive. I did think about the cost of going to college abroad. But I really didn’t have any idea about how much. But my parents especially my mom had planned this long ago. All those life I’ve been through since I was a kid are the investments that my mom had put for me. We saved, we live low, we spend only what we need and all those extra money she could get goes into saving for my college. And those saved money all goes to my first year college fees. And luckily my parents had a more stable income during these years so they could afford another 2 years of my college. In short, I lived for 3 years on my family’s bloods and tears.

My mother don’t know anything about ABC. She had never touch a book. But she understand the importance of education. What act is nobler than a mother who’d sacrificed her entire life so that her child can get a decent future? Who else deserve the title of Hero if it’s not my mother, my dad, and my sisters.


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