Mayan Apocalypse, the next big disappointment.

9-9-1999, people says that the world would end at 09:09:09 on that day. I still remember I was sitting in the class room of my 4th grade staring at the clock hoping something to happen. It passed like a jolly dog poop on the street and I was disappointed.

1-1-2000. I woke up hoping to see disasters, but only to find out that even my computer was working fine. Damn it!!

21-5-2011, I never believed it would be true. But that one is in my “Why I shouldn’t be a Christian” list. Even a noob Christian should understand clearly that the Bible exactly stated that nobody will know when Jesus will come back. But some fools still believe it might be true. That’s the problem with Christianity, they don’t believe in the same thing. Anyway, I don’t think he’s coming back at all. However, deep down in my mind, I really hope it will come true.

21-12-2012, hmm, of course it is nonsense. But again, I really hope that the world will end. Alas, I will wake up on the 22nd disappointed. But life goes on.

It’s probably I that haven’t find the meaning of this life, but pretty much everybody’s life either. What is that for? You wake up, work, go to sleep, repeat until you die. You do things that you love to do, and so what? You grow up, get married, have children, get old and wait for death. And what are children for? what are you living for if your main goal in this life is to die?


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