Again? Hell Yes!

Study Abroad? Hell yes!

Moving around used to be my dream. I dreamed to be able to change places as often as I can. But when the responsibilities strikes you after college, you abandon that dream. It’s now more important to have a stable job than following your dream around.

I used to think that it’s fun and easy to live abroad. Having been staying away from my country for 6 years, it make me want to go back. But I stayed on because it’s still more comfortable living here.

Living in another country is like staying in your friend’s couch. And you know you won’t stay in your friend’s couch unless you have no choice. You are an alien here. You don’t belong here no matter how you blend it. I’ve learn their languages and dialects. Being just a neighboring country, I technically looks the same like the locals. The only difference I’ve got is that I don’t have a piece of paper called IC.

You are free to move around the country and do almost everything you want to. But there will never be easy for you to settle down. You can’t buy a house unless you are freaking rich. You can’t get loan easily to buy a car. You have to extend your Visa regularly. The people hates you because they think that you steal their jobs. And everybody assume that you are rich and try to get the best out of you. Some tourism spots charge you more just because you don’t have the IC. Taking a 5 minutes train to the top of Penang Hill cost you 4 times what the locals are paying. Sometimes I wonder what am I paying tax for?

But back home is probably worst. The crime is high and the street is crowded. The road is broken and the internet is slow. I’m not used to anything of it at all. I travel back at least once a year for Chinese New Year. And every year, I prefer to just stay at home and let my sisters and parents do everything for me. It’s a strange place for me. I don’t belong there anymore.

I wish to move on. But there are things that hold me back. I wish to go far away and become the citizen of nowhere. I imagine there is no country, no boundary. And there goes Mr. Lennon, once again.


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