A question from a snail, What are you living for?


My mom has a garden. Everytime I visit her, I will see her collecting these snails during the day and put them in a cup. Sometimes, she just let them to dry under the high noon. Another times, she will throw them away and wish that they will never come back because they eat her plants. But they are everywhere and never ending.

The photo above was taken last week when I was there when my mom was too lazy to get rid of them. Eventually, one of them managed to escape from the cup and started climbing up the wall. It was already night when I spotted it. It just keep climbing up the wall. It makes me wonder about its intention.

And then, a thought came to my mine, what are they living for? Their life is probably as short as a few years. They eat, breed, walk around, and get killed. But yet, life seems to be very important for every single individual of them. This snail have a mission so important that it’s not gonna stay quietly in the cup and get killed. But, what is it? what would be so important for this little creature?

I asked myself the same question. What am I living for? For this little snail, the simplest answer is probably to breed more of its kind. But as a human being, breeding is no longer an important mission. I think there are too many of us already. So, what is it? What are we living for?

What are you living for? What is the most important things in your life?

When I was a kid, I wanted to grow up. I wanted to have my own space and money. I want to live for myself. But now that I’m grown up. I don’t know if that’s important anymore. In fact, I don’t know what is important for me anymore. Everyday passed like I’m just surviving. And surviving is boring. I think it’s because life is too easy for me. That’s why I don’t take it seriously. Surviving and feels pointless about it. And I still need to keep on surviving.

I don’t really wants a family. I want to travel the world, but it means nothing either.

I wanted love. But it will last as long as 70 years. And then I will die. And I will be gone and everything is wasted.

I wanted fame. But what is it good for?

I wanted, I don’t know. I need the snails to give me the answer.


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