The dragon in the rain, underground, and the secret tunnel

This morning, my imaginary sculptor that I hired a few minutes ago asked me what will be the first thing he’s going to make for me. I thought for a while and I thought about dragons. So I told him to make me a dragon.

“What kind of dragon?” asked the sculptor. I thought for another while and told him that I want a Chinese dragon. The one with four legs, no wing, long like a snake, covered with fish’s scale, feet of the chicken, head like a lion, and with horns of the deer  He look at me for a while and realized that I’m a Chinese so he probably understand why I requested for a Chinese dragon.

And then I continued. I told him that I want some rain elements in the statue. If you know about the Chinese dragons, they bring rains. And I love rain. And my Chinese zodiac is also a dragon. “Well, what I want is that you represent me as a dragon and then put it in the rain to make it tell the story that I’m feeling so happy playing in the rain. Stoned, but happy.” I described.

He looked puzzled but I didn’t care. I guess it’s probably because he is from Africa and don’t know much about Chinese culture. But at that moment, I just want to finish my description, so I continued.

“Let’s put it underground. Dig a chamber bellow my parking area and build the statue there” I said. Now he looks like he’s got a lot of questions to ask but I didn’t give him a chance. “Let me finish, please” I told him “I want the dragon to be so big that it can fit at least 3 people inside it. There must be a secret door to enter the status. And then, we are going to dig a tunnel that start from its tail. A secret tunnel”.

“I quit!!” he screamed at me and suddenly he disappeared. Oh poor me, I should just do it myself in Minecraft.



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