Disappointed but still fun

I’ve always tried to avoid going to any big celebration because of the crowd. But this year, I was super excited. I keep wondering about the reason behind all these excitements without getting any clear answer yet. But, I will figure it out.

So, the plan was to go and have a close look at the fireworks at KLCC and hopefully get some nice pictures to post on my other blog. I just bought a DSLR camera a couple of months ago so I thought that this might be the source of all the excitements. It turned out to be wrong because I wished I didn’t bring my camera at all.

I got off from work at 3pm but my friend was less fortunate because he had to work until 7 o’clock. So I decided to get home and try to get some sleep. But instead, I played a couple rounds of DoTA 2. At 6 0’clock, I tried to get some sleep. I set the timer to half an hour and get tucked into bed. I am not sure if I get any sleep at all.

We headed out from home at 7 o’clock and had a terrible meal before taking the bus to take the train to take another train. When we got there, it’s only 9.30pm. Since my previous meal was a terrible one, we went to have another meal at Sushi King. They were closing but we still managed to get some of our favorite sushi.

After sushi, we were tring to get to the Pavilion which is normally a 10 minutes walk from KLCC. But the main route was closed due to the crowd but we were still managed to get there by the alternative route.When we got there, that place was a hell. People were spraying those artificial aerosol snow everywhere. It smells funny and I really wish not to get any on my cloths. The thing with our country is that we don’t get snow. So people try to make substitutes. But most people just want money so they make products that is cheap so they can sell a lot.

Well, we headed back to KLCC as soon as we saw the chaos in there. KLCC was epic. The people there are polite. At least they don’t spray at you every 10 seconds. It’s probably because the security officers were everywhere.

It was still early around 11 pm so we had a walk around the park. The park was quite empty but still could hear the music and see the crowd of people around the fountain. We walked to the fountain and the music was awesome. It was like a huge open space club. People were dancing next to the colorful dancing fountain. We tried to get closer to the source of music because it looked fun in there. But halfway through, we were pushed around like a teddy bear. It was kind of nasty and it took us 5 minutes to get out of the crowd.

We headed to the other side of the towers where it has a nice huge open space. But it is at the opposite of the main fireworks area so it’s less crowded. We found a place to sit down and then we waited. Camera’s ready.

At the last 2 minutes of 2012, people were already screaming. But the fireworks obviously didn’t show up yet because it wasn’t time. People just don’t sync their time correctly and we don’t see the clock from this side of the tower.

12 o’clock, fireworks boom here and there. The KLCC fireworks were blocked by the lobby connecting the 2 towers. We still saw a little bit of its glory but I really hoped that I was at the other side.

We were glad that there was another fireworks at the other side that we could see clearly from where we stood. So we began taking photos. Snap, snap, 9 minutes passed and everything was over. People started to move to the train station and we were among the first. We were expecting a long queue and at lease few round of squeezing through but it didn’t happen. The train was half empty and we even got a seat. It was totally unexpected.

On my way back, I realized that I didn’t get the full package. All I did were taking pictures and never really enjoy the show. I wished that I stayed near the fountain despite the crowd. I wished that I didn’t take any picture at all but enjoy the firework show. I wish that I didn’t bring my camera at all so I could be worry free. I want be here again next year. Now I know that how much I love fireworks.

We reached home at 2am. Took shower and head to bed. I should probably get some sleep now to pay back the sleep debt I’ve got from celebrating the New Year. Happy New Year.


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