The lucky one’s room

Many people lives in abundance yet to be grateful. So does Hector. He has never really lack anything since the day he was born. His family is always wealthy and good mannered. And so does Hector who is confident, outgoing but polite and sweet.

Hector got this amazing house build on top of a hill. It isn’t big, but beautiful and modern. I always appreciate how beautiful a thing like a house can be. But Hector never really see the beauty. For him, a house is just a house. I guess he’s never lived in an ugly house before, that’s why he doesn’t know how to compare.

I remember the first time I entered his room. It wan’t big but spacious. I bet his father has got a really good interior designer. I wish I could be Hector. The first thing I saw was his bed. It was quite wide and covered in white linen. I wonder if he has preference at all. But white is definitely stunning in this room.

There are two tall windows on one side of the wall. The other side has two shorter ones and a door open to a small balcony. The balcony is just enough to fit a reading chair and probably some space for two people to stand. It was a nice view from there.

There is nothing much inside the room other than the bed. There is a small table next to the bed. I kind of love the idea to not have a bathroom attached. It makes the room feels special.

There is also a set of speakers on one corner that kind of liven up the room. It’s probably the only thing that Hector decided to put in that room.

Looking around, there are some small artworks and photographs on one wall. Hector doesn’t draw or take pictures. He’s a social monkey. He socialize and make connections. Art for him is like socializing for me.

Indirectly, the room has probably help Hector in retaining his energy. The room is so relaxing and simple it’s a palace for the monks to resides to. But for Hector, it’s just a bedroom he spend his night at.

Oh Hector, I wish you would listen. Open up your eyes and start seeing the beauty around you. You’ve been used to beauty, but yet you don’t understand beauty. You need to see the hideous so you understand what is beauty. Just like you need to taste the bitter to understand the sweet.

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