An interesting talk with my sister

Life is always a curious thing, so do my sisters. When the two of them met during dinner, things get interesting.

Not that I hate my family, I just don’t feels the connection as a family. One thing is probably because of the age gap that causes differences in preference, the other is the environment that we grew up in. They grew up influenced by the Eastern culture. They watch Chinese movies, read Chinese books and everything eastern. While me, being unable to read Chinese, I’m more indulged in western culture.

Nevertheless, one’s mindset is always unique. Despite the Taoism influences in my family, my 5th sister (who I had a talk with) believe that we shouldn’t take all the teaching literally. Many Taoism practice are more of cultural then mythical.

She also study about Buddhism which kind of interesting. I agree with Buddha regarding how we should response to suffering in life, but I totally disagree about the reincarnation and the existence of Nirvana. Buddha himself probably meant to say that Nirvana is a state of human life rather than a mythical place that our soul resides when we die.

We talked to the point about what are different religion say about the meaning of life. While my sister believe that there are three possibilities; First, we are here for a purpose. Second, somebody put us here but doesn’t really give us any purpose. Third, we are here by coincident and has no real purpose.

So I asked her, what does she believe in. She said that we don’t have a purpose here but we should live every second happily, though we are going to die and become nothingness.

This statement kinds of enlightened me for a moment. I felt like I finally found the answer to the mystery of life. However, it didn’t last long until the next big question pop up, what is Happiness?

Finally, the quote that I hate the most “Don’t worry, be happy”. Worst quote ever. It means nothing. Saying that will not magically change one’s state from worry to happy. It’s something that people say when they are too lazy or busy to help you sort things out and expect you to sort them out yourself. Don’t use it, ever.

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