A plastic bottle on the lakeshore

I was in the middle of reading the book “The Fault in Our Stars” by John Green and I thought I might just walk to the park and read it there. It was a couple of hours before sunset and it’s kind of cloudy, perfect weather for reading.

Our local park is huge, with a small (probably man made) lake in the middle of it. I don’t go there often, but surprisingly, I found a soft drink plastic bottle with something green in it. It looks smoky inside and it kind of softly exploded when I picked it up, and a genie materialized from the green smoke. Well, she started talking a lot. She mentioned her hometown, and her name whatsoever, I can’t remember. And interestingly, she loves to read and said it’s been a while she last read anything before she got trapped in that plastic bottle.

Anyway, it’s weird that she didn’t grand me three wishes (that’s what genies do, aren’t they?), but she offered to build me a writing room and asked me to describe it before she magically bring it to to reality. “A writing room?” I asked. I wan’t a reading room, but alright, a writing room is great too. So, I started describing what I think would be a perfect reading room (and writing room, whatever).

I said, “I want a garden, or a small forest, with lot’s of plants around. A small lake with clear blue water in it and small and colorful fishes swimming freely. I want a little bit of land animals too, but not too much, just a few to make the environment lively. Let’s put it somewhere remote and magical where only I alone can enter, guarded by two winged lions.

In the middle of the forest, there should be a small plaza on a marble floor, a desk for reading and writing, and a small stone hut for resting.

Let’s put hammocks all over the place, especially near the lake area. Hey, let’s make it an ocean instead, extended into infinity. Hmm.. what else?”

“You gotta be kidding me” the genie said, “I’m building you a room, not a whole magical planet!!, you know what I’ll do, I will change your room’s wallpaper into whatever you’ve described. Thanks for wasting my time and good bye.”

Poof!! and so she disappeared. “Hey, at least put the marble floor on my room, stingy genie”


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