Never ending stream of pee and other nightmares that I’ll never forget

Most people forget about their dreams as soon as they wake up, but nightmares often stick. I remember having some nightmares these few weeks, but I can’t remember what they are. My head hurts trying to remember them. I’m probably too old to take them too seriously, so my brain just move them into the mental black hole.

But certainly, there are some childhood nightmares that you’ll never forget. My top 3 are:

  • The man who puts people into sacks that I’ve written in detail here.
  • 2 thieves each with a pitchfork that broke into our house when we were sleeping and stabbed me in the back. I still felt the pain after I woke up that morning.
  • A Chinese Opera women ghost in a night train. She had really long and hard finger nails that she used to pin me at the back. I also felt the pain when I woke up that morning.

I also have some recurring nightmares which my mom and my sisters claimed to have the similar dreams as well.

  • Late for school, can’t find my uniform or shoes, unprepared for exam etc. Any school related dreams are most often a nightmare. They are scary and just a solid prove of how much I hated school and how much fear I had everyday at school.
  • Being in a familiar place but can’t seems to get to the place I want to be (or unable to find home). My mom has this dream often too.
  • Dream about peeing but can’t seems to finish it because I didn’t actually peed in real life. According to my mom, I’ve never peed my bed since I had been potty trained. And I’m famous for being good at holding my bladder.

Remembering all these dreams makes me fear that I might have one of them tonight. And the one I hated the most is any dream related to school. I’ve graduated for years and I don’t want to feel that pressure of being late or exam anymore. Get away from me.

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