50 Ways to say of OK

I’ve been noticing myself using a different ways to say “OK” over text messages to indicate a different motives and mood. But, there won’t be 50 of them, the title is just to catch your attention. Now that you are here, let’s see what I’ve got.

  • ok : the standard OK, no emotion, no motives. Probably just want to finish the conversation quickly
  • OK: probably auto-corrected by my phone.
  • Owkay : trying to sound sarcastic.
  • Okay: shorter version of Owkay, but sounds friendlier.
  • Okie: trying to sound cute
  • Ow… Kay…: Unbelievably sarcastic.
  • kk: being lazy
  • ok ok: I got it, bitch! Now, shut up.
  • Oh, k: a little surprised, but don’t want to ask too much

OK, that’s pretty much what I can think of now. If you have anything else, please fell free to comment. 


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