The future is a little bit brighter

It has been a while since my last post. I had been busy with work, playing games, catching up with the Internet, reading “The Casual Vacancy” and stuffs. But honestly, I’m just getting lazy.

A normal Daily Post will at least take me half an hour to write. Even though I always keep it as short as possible, it will take half an hour at least. My daily routine seems to be so stony that I don’t know when should I write. And the Daily Prompt always came out around my gaming time. And after gaming time is sleep time.

It’s impossible to write in the morning as I’m at work. But ideas seems to flow the most during the day time when I’m busy working. But, I don’t really want to show off at office, telling everybody that “Hey, I have a blog full of stuffs that I don’t normally tell people”. In fact, none of my friend or family knows about this blog.

Nevertheless, I’ve decide to add a new section to this blog to explore my Fictional characters that I’ve been planing for a while. So, in addition to the occasional daily posts, I should write series of stories that run on a timeline. Probably a post a week summarizing the whole daily prompt of the week into a short story. So, look forward to that.

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