The timetable for Grown Up

Busy Busy Busy..

The longer you’ve lived, the more things you add into your activities. First is your 8 to 5 job, then you squeeze in your hobbies, whatever it is, and more hobbies, and friends and family, and you reduce your sleep hours and finally you have no time for anything extra anymore.

I love anything thinkable. From music to writing to talking to sleeping to playing games to cooking to gardening to travelling to photography to be continue, everything. And being a grown up, you kind of have the illusion of freedom. You think that you can do anything, but there are always limitations and jail walls that stop you from doing whatever idea that pops up in your mind. The main one is money and the second one is Time.

When you reach the point where you realize that you can’t do everything at once and you have to choose only one out of them, you are screwed. It’s like falling in love with 3 different guys and you don’t know which one you love the most, but you can only marry one. That’s why I still don’t understand the idea of being committed to one person in marriage for your entire life. Please enlighten me on this.

So, what do we do? we choose one of them and declare them as “One true love” that you will never be sure of anyway. And you know that it doesn’t matter because you will die and nothing will matter.

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