Les Misérables: A Review

Doesn’t matter how you define a “Spoiler”, I’m warning you that what you’re going to read might contain spoilers. But, I’m not going to stop you because every movie review is a spoiler.

A little summary:
Les Misérables talks about a guy’s life after begin released from jail and constantly being treated like a criminal because he was in jail before. He changed his identity, somehow became a mayor, saved a prostitute who was dying and promised to take care of her daughter for some reason. Some years later, the daughter met a boy and fall in love but they are in the middle of running from the police and the boy is in the middle of a revolution, hence the love story.

When people talks about Les Misérables, they will say “It’s very sad” and “Everybody dies”. Well, let’s talk about them first.

It’s sad, but not “very” sad. I watch the movie with the expectation that I will wet my face at least during half of the movie. Well, i don’t cry easily, that’s true, but I do cry a lot when watching sad movies or songs. And I only cried twice throughout the entire movie, both when they killed my favorite character. They are both a minor character, but I extremely love these 2.

The point is, the story is not touching enough. The only sad part is when they purposely show some dramatic dying scenes of your favorite characters. But story wise, it’s a kind of a half boiled egg. Or probably my heart is a stone.

Everybody dies, not exactly true. Not true at all. There are always survivors in every mass killing scene. And it has a happy ending. So, not sad at all.

You know what is sad? Go watch the “Boy A” or “Never Let Me Go”. It’s 10 times sadder than Les Misérables.

Performance wise, there are so many great actors in the movie. But, I think that’s the only reason the movie is ranked so high. I have nothing to complain about their performance. They are all brilliant.

But, I’ve seen much better musical films, probably done by lesser known actors. Most of the time, the actors are just talking in tune, not singing. The songs are more of a speech that they hum it. But of course there are also real songs in the movie and they are really great. They didn’t talk at all in the movie, all singing. They should have just talked in some of the scenes.

Story wise, it’s again a half boiled egg. It started to be political themed, but in the end, it’s just a love story. They put so much effort in setting up the political problem at the time, but all went down with a silly teenager love.

In overall, it’s worth watching. It was great listening to Anne Hathaway sings I Dreamed a Dream. And I had some great crying. At the end, it’s just another movie that I’ve watched.

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