Everybody’s innocent in here. Didn’t you know that?

I’m not a “quote” guy who remember many quotes from a movie. In fact, I often forgot what I’ve just watched just now. So, I’m still leaving the title black when I’m writing this line. I need to remember, I can’t be that forgetful. Let’s write randomly until I remember a quote that is interesting enough.

By the way, I’m currently listening to the song “I love the way you love me”. Hmm… still clueless.. How about “The 60 seconds” thing from Leap Year? too long. Let’s continue thinking.. blah blah blah… blue blick block…

I hate movie quotes. I hate them because I can’t remember them. I’m thinking of a movie about prison break now. Gosh, I can’t remember titles either. (CLICK… *light bulb icon*) Ah right “I’m innocent” from The Shawshank Redemption. Let’s talk about it.

Great movie and a gold! I’ve only watched it once but I think I should watch it again. If you’ve never watch it before, don’t worry. It will never get outdated IMHO. So, go ahead and watch it, I totally recommend it.

Is it true, thought? that everybody is innocent? It can be true, depending on how you define “innocent”. How do you define “righteousness”?. If righteousness is a relative value rather than an absolute true and false, what is the “falling point” from right to wrong? from innocent to guilty?

If righteousness is a matter of true and false, who has the right to decide, then? If there is no law, then everybody is truly innocent. I believe that everybody is innocent.


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