Impossiblility is not Impossible

I hate it when people says “Nothing is Impossible” because it’s absolutely not true. Impossible means “Not able to occur, exist, or be done” (Google). And clearly, there are things that fulfill these definitions.

For the sake of argument, is it possible for human being, butt naked, at this point of time to survive in space? is it possible for a standard Samsung Galaxy S4, without any modification, to walk like a monkey? Is it possible for a guitar to sounds like a trumpet? Is it possible for this post to have never been existed?

Well, if you still think that “Nothing is impossible”, you are probably a big liar who can’t accept facts. You know what, you are going to die one day, and that’s not impossible either.

So, to answer the Daily Prompt’s question today, I don’t believe in any impossible things.

NB: The impossible things in the second paragraph is to be taken literally and they all need to happen in our current universe.

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