One rabbit, two rabbits, three rabbits, no rabbit

I always wanted a dog. But given my current situation, there is no way for me to have a dog. I work 9 to 6, in an apartment, and technically nobody will be home in the morning. So, having a dog will be a terrible idea for him to stay at home alone all the time.

The only time I’ve really had a pet animal was when my parents decided to buy 2 rabbits home. Well, excluding my dad’s fishes collection through out my kid’s life. The rabbits were snow white, they were quite small when we bought them home. Not sure if they are both girls or both boys because none of them actually got pregnant after all the bumping they did to each other.

They poop everywhere, bites everything, running around. One of our bedroom’s door is quite loose and can’t be fully closed and they actually know how to open those doors and enter the bedroom. So, we also put some newspaper in the bedroom for them to poo and pee. Sometimes they also sleep in the bedroom but my dad hates it alot.

Both of them got together very well. One is slightly bigger than the other. The bigger one we called “大白” (da bai) or literally “Big White” and smaller one “小白” (xiao bai)  or “Small White”. They grew quite big after a year or so and we didn’t really know how to take care of them, or probably we did well. We didn’t do much except the constant supply of Chinese spinach and carrots and bathing them once in a blue moon, and also cleaning up their wastes, which is a few times a day.

One day, we couldn’t find 小白. Normally they will come out looking for foods when we call their name. But this time, we just couldn’t find 小白 anymore. We suspected that she (as we have concluded that it is a she because we couldn’t find its penis) went out from the house and got lost. We caught them wondering out of the house a couple of times along the year but managed to get them back in all the time. We (me and my sisters) went around the neighborhood calling her name. Alas, she didn’t show up.

My mom was the only one who cried when that happen. And since then, at least for a couple of weeks, she cries every time we talked about the rabbits. Now that 大白 is all alone, we pity her and decided to buy another two baby rabbits. But alas, she seems to do pretty badly after 小白 went missing. Her eyes got an infection and she didn’t seems to get better. One day I notice that she’s gone and my mom told me that her eyes actually felt out of its socket and she died. After that, we gave away the two small rabbits to my sister’s friend.

Two years later when my mom was cleaning the store room, she found 小白’s bones under a piles of fishing net. I was away for college during that time but I believe that my mom should have cried for another few rounds because of that discovery.


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