In the middle, I waited

When I first discovered the concept of Introvert vs Extrovert, I immediately put myself in the Introverted end. I have all the quality for an Introvert. I’m quiet, stay home most of the time, don’t have many friends, nerdy, sensitive, etc.

However, when I try to live as an Introvert, I wasn’t happy. Later that I realized that extroversion and introversion is not a 1 vs 0 case, or on vs off, or black vs white. It’s a spectrum. And everybody is somewhere in this spectrum.

Once I open to that possibility, I search myself deeper and found that I’m right in the middle of the spectrum. I’m shy, but I’m active too. I hates crowds, but I feel save in the crowds. I hates parties that pretends to mean something. But I love pointless parties where you do it just for the sake of having fun.

Everybody is somewhere in the spectrum. You can be a super introverted to super extroverted. But, never uses them to label yourself. Don’t reject a party just because you are introverted or go to any party because you are extroverted though you don’t feels like to sometimes. It’s just a term, a tool. Don’t let it control you.


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