There are things, but no book

My parents are both illiterate. Well, to be more accurate, my dad do know how to read and write in Chinese. But, we lived in Indonesia, which means that we will find more Indonesian books that my parents don’t know how to read more than the Chinese books.

I have 6 sisters. But only 3 of them received a formal education to some extends. Two of them (first and fifth) managed to get a Diploma and I remember that both of them read a lot of books. My eldest sister reads Indonesian Novels while my fifth elder reads Manga that has been translated to Indonesian. My other less fortunate sisters ended up being busy working or taking care of their own family. But explicitly my third elder sister, which didn’t receive any formal education at all but managed to pick up Chinese in her 20s, reads Chinese Novels a lot.

I, being the most fortunate of all, didn’t like to read at all. I hated novels, so I’ve never touched my eldest sister’s books. And it’s funny to think that I’ve never really read any novels in Indonesian language before though my First Language is supposed to be Indonesian.

So, to answer today’s daily prompt question, nobody read me any story when I was a kid and I wasn’t that keen of reading anyway. I only started reading, and surprisingly in English, 3 years ago. But I do remember browsing through my father collection of Chinese books about Chinese traditional medicines and practices where they have pictures of dots around the body with its name. It was damn boring so it doesn’t count as my favorite.


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