The list of things that I want

I’ve been doing really good. Thanks for asking. I know I’ve not written anything for a while. I almost stop writing. I had this thought that I’ve been spending too much time on writing and it probably isn’t going anywhere.

I have this “greed” that I think I can have anything imaginable. I want to be a musician. I want to be a photographer. I want to write a book. I want to produce a million dollar software. I want everything but I don’t have time for all of them at once. And if I would put them into a list, it will just demotivate me further.

I’m about to make a list of reasons that I’m better off from writing. But the more I think about them, the more they become excuses. And I remember this quote that says “If you love it, you will make time for it. If you don’t love it, you will make excuses.” So, probably I don’t really in love with writing anyway. So, why waste time writing so much where in the end it is not going to be anything?

But, come to think about my life. What productive stuffs that I can do other than writing. This weekend is the one most wasted weekend ever. I’ve spend my whole weekend watching and playing games. Well, it sounds fun. Really fun. But, I feel useless. I’m 25 now. And, I don’t even know what I want in my life.

Well, it’s not really productive either to whine about it even though it’s a form of writing. So, I will just stop here.

3 responses to “The list of things that I want

  • dmauldin53

    I think we all go through that stage. I know I did, but writing was all I ever wanted. When I get tired or feel I’ve put too much on my plate, I take a day or two, to just kick back and do something fun or something different. I call them my mental health days. 🙂 That’s usually all it takes for me, but everyone is different, and you are right, writing may not be your love. Don’t give up, your love will find you, eventually.

  • catalinadelbosque

    I like and share your sentiment here. When I was young I wanted to be a writer, a travel writer, a novellist. I’ve still got the notes for the book I some day want to write. All mine are excuses too, “I need to live in the real world, earn a living, this office job pays more than writing would”. Sometimes it’s good to take a whole weekend out, play or watch TV or surf the net. More often that not though I’m left with a feeling of wastefulness, that I’ve wasted a perfectly good sunny day by staying in and wallowing! When you’re young you think that my 25 – or 30 in my case, you’ll have it all figured out, you’ll know yourself and what you want out of this life. But things get in the way, like fun – alcohol, gossip, holidays…

  • Sonel

    You are a very good writer and if I could write like this you won’t be able to stop me. LOL! Take time and be patient with yourself. I am nearly half a decade old and I want to be a great photographer and be able to call myself that but unless I have a Canon or Nikon, I have no chance. So yeah, for that I also need close to a million. 😛

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