Post Movie Depression Syndrome

I believe I’ve already answered the Million-Dollar question about why I blog. If you want to know, you got to browse through the other blog posts and read for yourself.

However, since I’ve already got your little attention here, let’s talk about something else. Let’s talk about things that I love to talk the most. Things around human life.

As you should probably have known that I spent my weekend watching a lot of movies. A lot of them. And you should also know about Post Movie Depression because I was really depressed this Monday morning.

Post Movie Depression Syndrome is a situation when you feel really depressed after watching some particular good movie. Doesn’t matter if it’s sad of happy, good or bad. If you feel depressed after watching a movie, you are probably having that so called syndrome.

Post Movie Depression Syndrome is not really documented as a medical term yet, but It gets its popularity during the time of Avatar. If you Google about it, you will find cases about people committing suicide after watching Avatar. The main reason for the depression is that the fictional world of Pandora is way too beautiful and that there is no where on Earth that can match it, hence the audience feels sad because they will never experience it in real life.

From my observation, the type of movies that trigger depression in me are those that involved elder brother showing unconditional love to his younger brother. Of course there are other types that trigger depression as well, but brotherly love is one immensely effective one. And my guess is that it’s because I will never have an elder brother. I’ve had a very close to a brother for a while when I was young. My cousin used to visit me for weeks and we were very close. When he left, I felt depressed for few days. So, it probably has something to do with nostalgia as well.

Movies often show impossible things. Impossible happy ending love stories, impossible future technologies, impossible and ridiculous past. However, there are some movies that have something that you do care about but you’ll never have. Those will strike you down to the ground.

So, another Million-dollar question, what is your depression triggerer movie?


16 responses to “Post Movie Depression Syndrome

  • Sonel

    Hachi: A Dog’s Tale was one of those movies for me. It made me sad because I know how my Simba would feel if I would die. Any movies with animals in them that ends sad activates my PMD. 🙂 Great post!

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  • chantyhdez

    I guess this is exactly what’s happening to me but somethung like it- me right now with Marley and Me. I’ve seen it a bunch of times but the end kills me EVERYTIME. I don’t just cry during the end and that’s it. Like right now it (I’m guessing) triggered my depression. (I have depression and anxiety but have them under control with medication.) Was going to go play a video game to change my mindset but ended up here instead.

    • chantyhdez

      Trying to edit post… Ugh how- guess I have to wait for moderator to accept it?

    • phantomcyros

      Pets are really a killer, I guess. That’s probably why I can’t bring myself to adopt a pet or have a child. It’s too much of emotional investment needed.

  • Gabe

    Watched Suicide Squad about a week ago and I’ve been depressed since. No clue why? Maybe since I felt a little let down and had different expectations for the movie. but it’s severely been effecting my life. To the point where If a commercial comes up I need to change the channel. If I see something online even a photo it brings up these feelings as if brand new. I’m happy to see a blog in regards to this topic (it’s needed!) Can anyone provide some insight? This is really disturbing my life.

  • phantomcyros

    It can be difficult to get out of it sometimes. I’ve got that feeling after one of the Transformer movie. But mostly anger every time I see Michael Bay’s name in any movie. It hasn’t stopped. But I let it out by bashing it all out to my friends about that movie. It kinda helps when others agree with me.

    I actually enjoyed Suicide Squad. But the more I talk about it, the worst it get. Do you want to discuss about the movie?

  • Black Skull

    I have ONE just saw Suicide Squad 😢😢😢 can’t wait for it to come to dvd

  • Lloyd Josephs

    Hey I google feeling depressed after watching a movie and your blog came up. I been feeling rather low and sad after watching the tv series – Barracuda, to the point where i just indoors. Im glad i not alone but will like to connect with you to have more conversations about this.

  • The Beast

    I watched the new Beauty and the Beast, i liked it, but the original i love so much. After watching the new one my nostalgia for the old one has grown so much. Im so emotionally attahced to this movie that is has taken over my life. I love it so much, that i cant forget it , and anything related with it brings this odd feeling in my chest like im missing something, but i dont know what. I dont feel sad nor necessarily happy. I love the characters ( esp. Belle) but i dont want them, what am i missing? Sometimes i am literally in tears.

    I feel like that the movie is sooooo perfect, that it has made me question my life in general. In order to avoid this feeling i have to forget to feel happy again, but everytime i remember it i get this unsatisfying feeling and dont want to see anything with it, but i love the movie?

    I guess i have PMDS

  • Liv

    Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and Pearl Harbor got me shedding a whole bucket of tears after the movies’ series were done. I feel nostalgic every time

  • ajinks5

    I’ve had depression problems before, but watching this Anime called, “Your Name” destroyed me. I’ve been depressed for three past few days, crying for no legitimate reason, feeling empty and hopeless, and questioning everything. I can get where those suicidal avatar people come from.

  • Peter

    Avatar, blade runner, gladiator, hunterXhunter are a few for me. The warrior spirit and brotherly bond themes gets to me.

  • Judah Smith

    I have it really bad, not as much Avitar though… Its more so that i get it with disney childhood movies…. I had it to the extreme with Atlantis and i am having it now with Tarzan. Its hard to explain the feeling but i get these symptoms……. depression, nostalgia and sadness. Almost feels like if i fin true love this feeling will stop…. the love of my family usualy help this but its almost like i have no clue what to do

  • lily

    many people just say they’re feeling sad or depressed after watching sad movies but for me, that’s not the case. for me, its usually action or science fiction or occasionally romance. I feel like I want the world to be so much more than what it is and knowing that no one else feels that way or cares really bothers me. this is going to sound silly but a movie that really made me upset for several weeks was “divergent”. I just feel like the technology was so advanced and the connection between tris and four was something I’ll never have. and most people aren’t like that anyways. but the movie that is messing me up right now is “call me by your name”. I constantly think about the movie and often find myself daydreaming about characters. I just loved the main characters in the film and I loved how it was set in the 80’s. I want everyone to act like that. anyone relate?

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