I’m addicted to certain kind of sadness

Yesterday I posted about the Post Movie Depression Syndrome and at the same time I would like to talk about my attitude toward depression. But I think it would be off topic and too long so I split it into two posts.

The interesting thing about depression is that I forgot about them. I wonder if you feel the same. But the sadness will not stay long. It will stick for a day and the feeling is gone after a good sleep. Even though I will still feel a little sorrow in my heart every time I think about it, it’s not as hurt as the first day of depression.

So, when the sadness comes back, I kind of hope that it will stick for a while. I feels that sadness is one of the essential element to make me feel alive. Sadness is my heart telling my body that I’m a human. Since I’m still on the nihilism page, I have the obligation to learn to love everything. And I’am kind of loving that feeling of depression now.

“Some people feel the rain. Others just get wet.” (Roger Miller)

So, in case you would also like to be addicted to this kind of sadness, this is how I got it. When you are feeling sad, close your eyes, take a deep breath and feel it. The key is to feel it and experience it.


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