I’m the one and only, the Alfa and Omega

If I can clone myself. I wouldn’t do it. I don’t know how your mindset is but mine is definitely about experiencing things for myself. If I would be able to clone myself, myself will not be able to experience what my clones will experience. When you cloned oneself, the clone become a separate entity.

Let’s talk about cloning in a more scientific manner. Cloning can simply means to create an organism to have the exact genetic information that the original organism has. It’s like how most micro organism duplicate themselves. Human being can’t reproduce without mixing 2 sets of gens into a new human with a mixture of gen from both parents.

The basic cloning technique that we have right now is by planting a nucleus of an organism body cell into an egg cell (SCNT). What we will get from this kind of cloning is a baby that will grow up to look almost exactly like the owner of the body cell. If I clone myself this way, it probably will be cute. And since I lived his life before and I know that he’s probably going to grow up to become another me, I will try my best to prevent him from any harm that I had have during his age. It will be like being resurrected, but without me dying. But when the time goes longer, I then realize that that clone my mine actually grow to be a totally different individual. Though he will still looks exactly like me, his mind will not.

The next cloning technique will be a direct transfer of memory. Let’s say that human technologies has finally able to create a robot out of human flesh. So, instead of going through the baby steps, we build human bodies, designed it to whatever we want, and then transfer our memory to it. So, that human being will have whatever experiences that I have prior to the transfer. But, any new experiences that the living bodies will not be able to sync back to the original me.

The last one will be the wish of every human being. To live forever. Though still purely fictional, it’s a possibility. Let’s say that I’m dying and I’m rich. Using the same technique as the previous one, just that, there will be only one me existing in this universe at one time. So, your memory will grow indefinitely while you can switch body whenever you want. You can even have a backup of your memory where you can use if let’s say accident happen. But I don’t think I want to live that long. This world is boring.

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