The road ahead of me.

I’ve been thinking about the topic in this blog lately. It’s either I stick to the randomness, pouring in whatever topic crossing my mind, or start to narrow it down to a persistent topic so I can have a group of readers with real purpose rather than a bunch of misguided sheep.

Being completely random is risky and unproductive. It’s like an artist who would paint anything from everywhere. It’s like photographer who takes any kind of photo, macro, landscape, portrait, animal, interior. Like a writer who writes any kind of stories, horror  comedy, crime, thriller. It’s certainly a perfect platform to express oneself. But it’s definitely confusing for the audience.

Why is it so confusing for the audience? First of all, the audience reads what they like to read. And they always wanted more. Let me lead you through example. Says that Tommy loves to cook. He subscribes to blogs talking about foods, bakery, recipe, cup cakes. Sean Terry is a writer. He has a blog talking about all sort of things. From Astronomy to Zoology. One day he was experimenting with this awesome recipe of himself and decided to post it on his blog. Few hours later, Tommy the chef stumbled upon Sean’s post about his awesome recipe and think it’s super awesome. However, when Tommy clicked on Sean’s homepage, he finds that Sean’s blog only have one post about recipe. Therefore, Tommy didn’t subscribe and soon forgotten about Sean blog.

Let’s duplicate this scenario into multiple instances. Now we have few other readers like Tommy, who has their own set of interests. Catherine loves Jesus, Hermanto loves guitars, Susie loves animals, and Brian loves rains and so on and so fort. All of them has visited Sean’s blog at a point of time. However, only Catherine decided to subscribe to Sean’s blog because Sean talked about killing himself in one of his posts and she thinks that Sean need salvation. But after few week of uninteresting posts from Sean, Catherine soon ignore every single post Sean posted.

Let’s change the scenario. Let’s say that Sean’s blog has only one single topic. Let’s say, depression. And one day, John Creeper, who is fighting his own depression stumbled upon Sean’s blog and like it very much. He soon realize that the blog is full of information about depression. He immediately clicked the subscribe button and wait eagerly for Sean’s next post. And John have very high hope that Sean with post about depression again.

Few days later, Lina Lu and Raju also found Sean’s blog interesting and subscribed. And Harley and Bill too. And so on. And now Sean have a small community who eagerly waits for his next post.

After some consideration, I do need to have a topic. A direction. However, this blog started as random as it could be. And I’m glad it stays random. I would like to post some other things more specific to certain topic. But it will be another blog. But this blog, I would love it be the personal space of mine. The audience would not be as important as what it contains.


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