Let’s think about it.

I consider myself as a very well secret keeper. Why? Because I don’t talk much in real life. I listen. And when you listen a lot, people share things with you. And most people that knows me know that they can tell me stuffs and be safe with it.

The most common secrets that I kept are employee resignation, People normally hide their intention of resigning until the very end. But, they do talk about it with a very small group of coworkers. As far as I remember, I’ve never (accidentally or intentionally) shared any such secret before they become known to public. Most of the time I acted as if I didn’t know or I don’t care because I really don’t.

My own secrets are also well kept. There are things that only me and the direct person involved know. And as far as I know, we never talk about it anymore. Probably they do share it with their friends. But I don’t.

However, I can’t guarantee the secret safety in the Internet. I believe I have probably shared a lot of things I don’t normally share in my real life but I’ve written about them here in this blog. Well, hopefully they never find out this blog.

When it comes to the most significant secret I’ve ever kept, I can’t think of any yet. Or probably they are too sacred to share even in here. All secrets are significant especially when it comes to my own secret. There are a lot of them and none of them come out yet. But, I believe, as all secrets do, it will come out one day.


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