The Power of Unity

We (Indonesian Chinese) suffered a horrifying event in 1998 where the entire Nation turned into an uproar. It affected us greatly and we are still in fear. And the general advice from my friend and family is that I should stay home and don’t go anywhere during the Malaysia 13th General Election. Therefore, I’ve been home doing nothing since Saturday. And then, they declared Monday as a public holiday too. Total boredom.

The whole weekend has been about the General Election. I’m not a Malaysian and I couldn’t care less. My interest in politics is so little that I don’t even know what’s going on in my home country anymore. But I live in Malaysia and I have to admit that I was excited to see the result.

The first thing I see this morning on Facebook is people changing their profile pictures to Black. They call it a blackout. I then realize that the Opposition has lose the Malaysian 13th General Election. Apparently, 95% of my friends support the Opposition. When I scroll through the black profile pictures of my Facebook wall, I feel a sudden sadness. And I still don’t understand how can they lose. It seems that there are still a lot of people aren’t living in the Internet yet.


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