Interests first, readers second.

Many people started things with the wrong purpose in mind. Intention is a very important part of everything. One can be very good at one thing but will fail because having a wrong intention in mind. A person can be a very good leader but will fail if his intention is to get rich.

As people always do, we do mistakes. I started blogging to earn some money. I’m not saying that it’s wrong. But it will not go far. Many people actually succeeded by building a money farming website. They buy a domain name, hosting, and then fill the site with advertising and promises to make their readers rich. I consider those websites as spams. But I don’t see much of them anymore. Because once people knows their trick, people will not fall into its lie anymore.

I have been writing for years and I can’t say that I’m successful yet, but anyway, here are my advice to get you started with blogging.

Your Interest First

Put your interest first. Don’t start with how to make billions of dollars in one month. Start with the question “What will I love to write?”. This way, you can keep writing and don’t get bored easily.

Readers and stats are the side effect of your blogs just like scores are the side effect of studying at school. You take medicine to be cured, but you don’t mind some side effects sometimes. The same thing goes to writing. You write for the sake of writing.

If you don’t know what you love best yet, try out everything. The Daily Post is certainly the very best inspiration source you can get. Write randomly until you find the one you would love to merry (not literally). And after that, you can have children and grandchildren and grand-grandchildren together.

Use the tools to get readers

Now, the side intention, get the readers. The Daily Post will post a Daily Prompt once a day. Write something related to it, and put a link back to that daily post. Your post will appear on their ping-back list.

Use your Social Networking sites like Facebook, Twitter or MySpace or whatever website where you have a bunch of friends ready to be annoyed by your daily posts. WordPress has a publicize feature where it will automatically spam your Facebook or Twitter every time you post something here.

Use popular tags. Go to your WordPress Reader and find out what are the hot topics and try to write about them. But don’t be restricted to these topics. Your main interest should always come first.

Write attractive title

Your title will be the first thing that people see. Make it sexy. Make it catchy. But keep it related to the content too. You don’t want your reader to come to your page and leave immediately because your content doesn’t give what your title promised.

That’s probably all that I can tell you now. Life is a learning journey and we will not stop learning. I can tell you that the journey is still long ahead of us. Keep writing, keep learning, folks.


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