Be careful with what you wish for

As long as I remembered, most of the things that I’ve wished for always ended up on my doorstep, sometimes without i realizing it. Some other times, I have been having something for a very long time only to realize one day that “hey, this is what I’ve wished for when I was a little boy”. But of course, not everything you wished for comes true.

I grew exceptionally taller than the average Asian men, I went to the College that I’ve chosen, I live very far from my family, I have a regular income, working in a multinational company, speak English better than my 5th sister, swim better than my cousin, etc. There are really a lot of things that came true. In fact, some of them are better than what I’ve wished for.

At this point of life, I really can say that I’ve lived a successful life. With this trend in hand, I believe that there are many other wishes that will continue to come true. And, I will never stop wishing. Wish for the star, you will land on the black hole. And my last wish, it will be death.


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