Neville Longbottom

The first fictional character that came to my mind, that I wish to interview is Neville Longbottom from the Harry Potter books. But he’s probably too popular for that. And then I was thinking of another great character from the “Dark Eden” by Chris Beckett which I don’t remember his name. So, let’s go with Neville, then.

Phelios (P): I’m really inspired by your bravery of standing up against “You-Know-Who”. Aren’t you scared of him?

Neville Longbottom (NL) : Of course I did. I still do, in fact. But I got to do something. I can’t hide forever.

P: How did you feel when “You-Know-Who” set you on fire? Did you think that you couldn’t died?

NL: Yeah, I thought that I was going to die. But, I was ready for that. Everybody die. It’s just the matter of time, I thought.

P: Have you ever thought of joining the Death Eater?

NL: Not a chance. I will rather die than join them. Just look at what they’ve done to my parents.

P: You know about the prophecy, don’t you? Have you ever wish that the prophecy is about you, rather than Harry Potter?

NL: Well, I don’t know. I’ve never really thought about it, really. But, I think that I will never be as good as Harry. The Dark Lord would have killed me if it was me.

P: I don’t know what else to say. Probably what I’ve never wanted to interview you in the first place. But, it has come to this. I wish that we can be friend. But, I’m only a Muggle that you despise (probably not). But hey, can I take a picture with you? with one of your Magical Camera that you guys use?

NL: Yeah sure, “Obliviate”!!


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