The fancy terms

I’ve been having back pain for years now. It used to be just stiffness after long hour of sitting. But It get worst recently that it started to pain most of the time whenever I sit. And it started to “radiate” (yeah, that’s how the doctor say it) to my left leg.

So, I decided to visit the specialist. The first step is to get a recommendation letter from the local clinic. After that is to call the hospital asking if there is any available specialist. I mentioned something like “back pain related specialist” and the operator mention some fancy doctoral term that I don’t think I’ve heard before. Keeping myself cool, I just agree with her and tell her that I will visit tomorrow morning.

Upon arrival this morning, I still can’t figure out what the hell is the doctor specializing in back pain called. So, I walked to the fancy-hotel-like receptionist area and handed the recommendation letter to the receptionist with my medical insurance card. She took it, make some calls, and explained to me the procedures without ever mentioning that fancy term I heard yesterday.

So, I looked around and saw a big board on the wall listing all the available doctors. Damn it, their title are all fancy. Anesthesiologist, dermatologist, pediatric, and so on and so fort.

Alright then, I will just have to wait until they call my name, then. In the waiting area, there are doors. Each of them is labeled with the fancy title of the doctor behind it. And the moment they call my name and point me to the room that I should enter, that will be the moment I will find out that fancy term I was looking for. And voila, it’s called orthopedic surgeon. Now the doctor can examine me in peace.


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