You can do much more than what you think.

I went jungle trekking one time where I don’t care about how dangerous or how difficult it could be. The whole journey lasted for 4 hours of walking up and down the hill in Cameron Highland, Malaysia.

The longest journey that I remember taking was the 1 hour walk on the road from one city to another city, also in Cameron Highland. That was tiring and horrible. But I don’t know why I had the feeling that the jungle will be so much easier and fun. I’ve never been so wrong in all my life.

The journey started quite fun. There were 6 of us including the tour guide. We walked through a lot of different type of plants where the guide explained throughout the first part of the journey. When we have walked for more than half an hour, I started to get tired and slowed down. But then I realize, I can’t go back. I’m in the middle of the jungle. The only way is to keep moving up.


What I didn’t know is that, I didn’t hit my limit yet. Though the journey get tougher, I got tireder and we still didn’t get to the top yet, but I can still move. I didn’t stop just yet.

When we hit the top, about 2 hours later, the view up there was rewarding. IMG_5319


We rested for a while to enjoy the view up there before going down the other path that lead us to the tea plantation. The journey didn’t get easier. It get slipperier and scarier. And I was still able to move but slower.

Another 2 hours later, we came out from the jungle and voila!! the Tea plantation.



It wasn’t the end. It is the beginning of another journey. Shorter. And there is a cup of delicious tea waiting for me at the end of this path.

What I’ve learned from this journey is that we underrated ourselves way too often. Just because we’ve never done that doesn’t mean we are unable to do it. Put yourself in a place where you can’t escape but climb up, and you will be surprise of how much more you can do.

After that journey, I remind myself everyday that I can do more than this. More than that. The only thing I need is a place where I can push myself. Like in a middle of the ocean with sharks everywhere.


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