A man without a last name

Is it weird if you meet someone who doesn’t have a last name? well, not if you are an Indonesian living in a small town like mine. I only have one word in my name. That’s my first name and my last name. I got a lot of questions like, “What is your full name?”, “How do you distinguish between one Frank with another Frank if you don’t have a last name?”, “do all Indonesian has only one word in their name?”, etc.

Well, I don’t want to talk about my real name here. Let’s talk about my phantom name. Remember when you just started your online live where any websites you vist, they will ask for your username or nickname. I made my first online nickname when I was around 13 years old. I named myself “Sun”, as in the bright and shinning one. The one who will give guidance, give blessings to others.

It started to feel lame when I grew older. So, I searched for alternatives, but I really like the idea of being a Sun. So, I googled around searching for words in other languages that represent Sun. I found the Greek god Helios, or the Sun. I liked it, but I got to add some of me inside that name. So, I put the first letter of my real life nickname “P” in front of Helios and it become pHelios.

Along my Internet life, I’ve put some variations to my name. Sometime I changed the letter “s” with “z” for Zion (my band’s name when I was in High School) or “x” for Xion (the variation of Zion).

After awhile, I feel that Phelios feels a little lonely. So, I decided to give it a last name. I started with my Chinese surname, “Chai”. Though I don’t have a a last name in my official name, I do have a unofficial Chinese name which is being used by my family, and it has a last name. Since Phelios is Greek originated, I think of Greek variation of the word “Chai”. I got names like Cyrus, Charlot, Carlos, etc. But I ended up with Cyros.

For the closing, let’s enjoy some sunset.


And also, if you like to see some night sky photography, head over to my other blog for the Planet triangle formed by Mercury, Venus and Jupiter.

If I have the choice, and I do have a choice, I won’t change my name. I like my real name. It just lack the middle name and last name. So, If I really have a choice, I will add Phelios Cyros into my real name. That would be lovely.


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