Better than anyone in anything possible

Green-eyed monster just bring back all the memory of Mike from the Monsters Inc. That will do for the introduction and the back linking.

I’m not sure about you, but I am jealous of everybody else. I hate it when the people I know actually write better than me, sing better, better at sport, better looking or richer. But I’m always wondering if this is a jealousy or is it affection.

Why would I say affection? Just to mention some people that I like are normally those who are good at something I’m not. Good at good things, not the bad things. I don’t particularly like people who are good at smoking cigarette. I hate them. But good people kind of turn me on.

Take actors for example. They are good looking, good in acting, and they are rich. They are good and well respected. I do want to be better at them, but at the same time, I want them to know that I respect their ability in what they do. So, it’s not only jealousy that I feel, but also love.

Another interesting thing that I observe is that when I am jealous of someone, I tend to start liking what they do. When one of my friend is so good at writing movie review, hey I want to write movie review as well. This trigger another hate love relationship.

Enough for the observation, here is my open letter to the one I am jealous of.

Dear anonymous person that I’m so jealous of.

I love you. I love what you do. I can’t help but to tell you that I want to know you better. I want to talk to you about what you do and how you get so good with it. And learn from you, so I can be cool like you. And also be cooler than you.

However, I know that human being are limited physically by the x,y,z dimensions and also by the time that we are travelling in. Maybe I can’t be as good as you, but I still have the desire to try and to show you that I can do the things that you can do as well. You are just another human being after all.

I’m the person that are jealous of you and I wish that you’ve never exist so that I don’t have to worry about learning another new thing just to compete with you. But at the same time, I respect you for being so good at it. Keep it up and one day you will  see me shine brighter than you. At that time, you will be jealous of me instead.

Lastly, I really love you. I hope that you will feel the same toward me one day.



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