Chapter 1 : The Clean Escape

The year 2022, a rocket is set to leave Earth for good heading toward the neighboring world called Mars. A one way trip and the first manned mission to Mars. They have only one objective; to explore Mars.

All set and ready. The whole world is watching as the NASA’s Mission Control Room is filled with anxiety and excitement to do all the security check before they start the countdown to launch. All space travelers are seated and ready, anxiously awaiting for the countdown to start. None is talking. Not a single voice is heard inside the spaceship, except the beeps and boops of the machines.

And here is a young man named Sean Julian who is sitting in the passenger seat, full of thought of how he has got to this moment and trying to convince himself that this is the right decision. He have never realized that leaving Earth could be this difficult until this very last moments.

“Are you CRAZY?” screamed John Clarkson over the phone when Sean first told him about his plan to sign up for the One Way Journey to Mars over 5 years ago.

“Come on” begged Sean “this is a dream come true. This is one of those moment where I can do something so crazy that I will regret the whole of my life if I don’t do it”

“Yeah, you selfish bastard” raged john “Have you ever think of how much this will hurt your mom? what about Helen? this is a bad idea, Sean. Don’t you think so?”

“No…” answered Sean “I mean, sacrifice is needed sometimes fo…”

“Enough with your philosophy talks, Sean” John interrupted “come over this weekend and we will talk. Don’t you ever dare to submit the form or thought about it ever again”

“Arghh, as if I require your approval for this” thought Sean to himself.

“Alright, I will see you on Sunday” and Sean hang up the phone.

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